Furthermore, THINK ABOUT Soccer Or Rugby?

Furthermore, THINK ABOUT Soccer Or Rugby?

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This will be Triablogue’s most questionable post ever! I received an email with a link to philosopher Douglas Groothuis’ critique of soccer and only baseball. 1. Football is violent intrinsically. It can’t be played without heavy padding and physical punishment. Professional players typically undergo multiple surgeries for repeated accidental injuries. Many of these injuries are debilitating completely.

The nature of the sport stimulates a toleration for, and even promotion of, violence. Players attempt to injure one another to take them out of the overall game. Many young men are significantly harmed while playing soccer. Why risk the harm to a growing body? If your body is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and the temple of the Holy Spirit for the Christian, why should anyone treat one’s own body and other’s physiques to so much physical misuse?

We were not designed for this kind of punishment. ME: I don’t get it. I myself have played many padless pick-up football games that happened without “punishment” (a relatively subjective term, btw, since a task may become more or less challenging on a person depending on the form they’re in).

And I assume he’s not talking about flag and two-hand touch. Furthermore, What about rugby or soccer? They don’t really wear “heavy padding,” but often have as much or even more “physical punishment” than an american football game. Think about wrestling, like olympic or collegiate? This is a very chess-like and specialized sport.

Moreover,wrestling was known by the Israelites, are we to think the youngsters never engaged in matches? Never tried to mimick the Greeks in this way? Moreover, professional players in every sports undergo debilitating injuries from which they suffer long lasting damage. I also daresay that reasoning would be sure lines of work “immoral” since we’re “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Has Groothuis ever watched the Discovery Channel’s “World’s Most Dangerous Job”?

Why would someone who’s person is the Holy Spirit’s temple do deep sea crab angling? How exactly does Groothuis even know this, off first. Has he taken a poll? I know many players at high level high school ball (we won the CIF tournament) who didn’t attempt to injure other players, and even they felt bad when another player got harmed. I know more than a few college players, and I visited senior high school with Charlie Joiner’s daughter.

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He didn’t show (at get-together’s at her house) that he ever attempted to injure people. Second, there have been many baseball players who have “attempted” to injure another player. This “wanting to injure” is contingent and not necessary to either sport. Lastly, the assault is contingent upon the positioning. Receivers don’t make an effort to tackle the defense.

So, some positions are more vigorous, physical, or violent than others. Same with football, see below. 2. Baseball is not violent intrinsically, but only violent contingently; it much less violent than football overall. A runner barreling home from second foundation about the same to the outfield might need to collide with the catcher to be able to try and score.