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Say you’re interested in Abraham Lincoln, and you want to learn the new historical book by George Saunders, Lincoln in the Bardo. You drop by your Birmingham community library, but the reserve there isn’t. But no problem there’s. You can go online and request it and have it be sent to your library. And usually, in a matter of days, you’ll have it. The above mentioned example is just one manner in which the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) system works.

The system has 18 branches throughout the city, all of which serve many purposes in their unique communities, however the BPL system’s defeating heart is the Central Library complicated downtown. Central acquires, catalogs, and circulates the written books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs that you’re familiar with the finding in the branches. But it also acquires a huge array of electronic media offerings such as downloadable movies, e-books, mags, audiobooks, and music, and it maintains databases available 24-7, at no charge to library customers.

73,476 kilometers providing materials annually. These and all of the BPL system’s data sources can be found to Birmingham residents, and the majority of them can be found to Jefferson County residents. All you have to be a card with the Jefferson County Library Cooperative. The cooperative acts 40 libraries throughout the county-including municipal libraries such as those in Bessemer, Homewood, Hoover, Mountain Brook, and Trussville-and it is based at the Central Library.

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So are the vans that deliver books and other materials that you demand from your local library. But these services are not all that you can find at Central. In Central’s Linn-Henley Research Library, browse the Southern History Department, which is renowned for its book collection, maps, and genealogy training and resources. There’re the Archives and Manuscripts Department also, which hold more than 30 million documents and 500,000 photographs of local, state, national, and international significance, including the archives of the populous city of Birmingham. Adler could make with it. Like its branches, Central is a lending library, and it hosts a number of activities for those ages also.

However, its large two structures and resources allow it to do some things on the grander level than most of the libraries in the county. For example, Central each year sponsors a teenager poetry effort, WORD UP! Local Authors Expo and Book Fair. There’re also its monthly Bards and Brews poetry slam competition and local craft beer tasting and its annual week-long Eat Drink Read Write festival. New this season is the program Teens Engineer BHM, run in conjunction with the UAB School of Engineering, to encourage teenagers to consider anatomist careers.

Woodlawn Branch Library how to create homes. This month’s events calendar illustrates the range of classes held at Central. Included are “Money Matters” programming on personal funds; “Steps to Starting Your Business,” plus classes on work with Jefferson County, and using Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, which details more than 2,000 in-demand jobs at nearly 100 industries.

Each month also offers computer classes and teaching on how to use the collection system’s databases. The week is National Library Week This. It is a time to acknowledge the important role that libraries and librarians continue to serve in our society. Both citizens and governmental leaders in Jefferson County often seem to forget the critical role played by the Central Library inside our large and successful county-wide system since most people experience their libraries at the branch or municipal level. It is time to enjoy Central and remind everyone that it requires our continued support to maintain its special services and programs which improve the other libraries in the county.

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