Gastric Bypass Kills

Gastric Bypass Kills

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Gastric Bypass, and the doctors who perform it, have gone me near death, with a nourishing pipe, living off disability and uninsurable. That’s why I have to share my tale to explain several of the normal, yet avoidable, problems of Bariatric Surgery. This surgery is now too commercialized and routine, and many times it’s being performed without the individual being informed of the life-long changes they have to make to become successful and healthy long-term.

I had Bariatric Surgery, or Open Gastric Bypass, in December 2002. I used to be 33 years old and have been overweight and/or obese nearly all those full years. I did at least 2 years of research before surgery plus continued my research post-op, and was extremely excited for what was to come.

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Within the first fourteen days I lost 18 pounds. Then it stopped. I was eating tiny, well-balanced 2-ounce meals however the weight wouldn’t normally budge. I did so not touch sugar, fat, or anything with high calories. I only drank water. I implemented the doctor’s purchases to the notice. But I had not been exercising.

I started working out and the weight began arriving off. I exercised for 90 minutes, a week 6 days. A week If I stopped exercising for, it would take me a month to lose another pound. I fought for each pound I lost. It had taken two years, but at 5 feet, 3 inches tall, I went from 275 pounds to 160 pounds and was together with the world, working out and eating right still. In March of 2008 I had formed some dental work done. I used to be placed on 1600mg of ibuprofen each day for 2 weeks. Roughly 2 months when it discontinued the utilization of ibuprofen I started vomiting. It quickly became an everyday event.

One day after eating my small breakfast time and lunch, around 2:00 PM I again had to vomit, but this time around I understood it included supper from the previous evening. Scared, I finished up at a gastroenterologist who ran a camera scope down my throat and said that the opening from my stomach to my intestines had closed right down to the size of a pinhole due to scar tissue. I was told that scar tissue is known as a common complication for Gastric Bypass patients. After looking at my medical history he ibuprofen asked if I use, and I had been then told that Gastric Bypass patients should not take ibuprofen or any NSAIDS, as it causes scar tissue formation.

For 6 years I have been taking a few NSAIDS for pains and aches here and there. None of my doctors acquired said anything. I wish my story ended there. To make this brief, my gastroenterologist did a range with balloon dilation to start the scar tissue formation, an operation that works on all but 2% of bypass patients.

I am part of that 2%. After having 2 scopes with balloon dilation, I had been informed I needed Gastric Revision surgery. On January 29, 2009 my new bariatric doctor performed an Open Gastric Revision surgery, which divided me from the tip of my chest-bone right down to my stomach button. He was well-known, recommended, and even had a commercial on television about gastric bypass. However, right after surgery I had been vomiting.