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I’ll offer you a little background about myself. Yr about this time Last, I continued an exercise and diet program. I exercised at least 5 times weekly one hour each and watched what I ate for about 4 months and only lost 4 or 5 5 pounds. Very frustrating. Stopped trying until January of the year. Continued Nutrisystems for 5 weeks. I used to be very stringent with myself and followed the plan exactly, keeping my calorie consumption to about 1200 daily. I exercised about three times a week. I only lost 2 pounds.

Adding a few pieces of fruit may also help to adjust the taste as well as adding sugar-free artificial flavoring. Blend for another 15 seconds and the result should be considered a smoothie-like pleasant drink. You should use a blender, don’t try to shake it collectively! Read the packaging to know how many proteins exist in each portion.

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Different products have different protein content! Then you can estimate how much you’ll need for the whole day. If you hate the taste or the consistency absolutely, experiment with a different flavor and adjust the powder/liquid ratio to make the shake thicker or thinner. You may make an effort to put in a few bits of frozen berries or banana to improve the taste. You should be comfortable with this by enough time of the surgery. In the event that you leave this for after surgery, you might become discouraged extremely. We do not advocate Carnation Instant Breakfast, Muscle Milk, or Boost products for weight loss surgical patients!

Although, they flavor good and are easy to take, these products were made for a completely different purpose and bring much more calories than you want to consider at this phase. Their glycemic index is generally higher than the speciality protein drinks. Fourteen days before surgery you will start aggressive proteins shake diet.

This will cause some weight reduction plus some shrinking of your liver organ. Studies have proven that while preoperative weight reduction does not predict the best success of the surgery, may decrease the perioperative risk of the surgery itself significantly. Following surgery, protein shakes would be the only way to obtain protein for the body for 14 days. Then you will be slowly advance to a higher protein soft diet and 2-3 weeks later to a regular diet. The protein shakes should be gradually weaned off to be sure you will receive the mixed total of 60-80 grams of proteins daily. We strongly recommend taking 1-2 shakes daily for the first 3-6 months to assure healthy overall protein intake.

This brings us to another point, chewing. It is vital that your meal is totally chewed. Before you swallow you want to make sure the meals are a liquid. As you progress through this journey the starting from your pouch to the low abdomen will be becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore you need to chew more thoroughly. If a piece of food is big to go through the story too, or opening, it’ll get “stuck”. Let us just say it is painful and you do not want this.

Finally with the smaller bites and the more comprehensive chewing comes the inevitable slower eating. Just slow down. In the event that you eat too fast the bites get too large, you don’t chew properly and we are back to the meals being stuck. A is in and I still find myself falling into this capture Over. We get excited, communicating with friends and forget. The quicker you create these practices the happier you shall begin your banded life.

As a banister you have a particular order in which to eat your meal. It’s important that people get enough proteins in our diet to keep our anatomies moving properly. Therefore, you will need to be sure you are eating your protein first. As WLS patients we are in need of 40-60 grams of protein every day.