Primer On BUYING Non-Indian Securities

Primer On BUYING Non-Indian Securities

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Here’s a writeup I used to be preparing months back but never got around to completing. I haven’t added much to it, apart from to actually make it not look like I haven’t completed it. Before you further read, you might look at this AMA where I’ve published a few possible FAQs and you are welcome to ask me questions there or over here. Buy into home musical instruments that make investments abroad.

Within the India this identifies domestic FoFs investing in international ETFs and shared money, or Motilal’s N100 ETF which is the only Indian account (that I know of) which purchases international equity directly. There is also Standard Chartered’s IDR, but it’s not really worth discussing. You can not buy foreign personal debt devices within India as much as i am aware. Opening a merchant account with a foreign broker.

This could be in the united states, in Europe, Singapore etc. Some will offer you access only within the country or a subset of this, others shall have broader global market gain access to. This post is only going to focus on just what a retail investor’s options are when investing abroad, some rules to be followed, the type or kind of expenses that are to be expected, and incredibly briefly, the tax pitfalls to be careful about. Some details will be missing, because my research is incomplete at this stage. Singapore will be skipped since I don’t possess enough information on that.

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Even though I said previously that you can open an account with a foreign broker, only a restricted number allow you to open up one if you reside in India. Some will need online applications, some paper, others will take online applications but still require you to snail-mail out a signed imprinted document.

Interactive Brokers or whatever comes in Canada and know your taxes laws. That is an incomplete list of agents that allow Indians to open up accounts with them, and then there will vary rules even. Of the, everything up to Tradestation is US-based, Internaxxx is in Luxembourg, eToro is in UK/Cyprus, Saxo Bank in Denmark and Swissquote in yours truly (in addition to the UK).

I have accounts in Swissquote and Tastyworks. Many of these American brokers don’t possess wide market access. Now as a retail investor, you’re probably allocating a little sum on a monthly basis, and probably don’t possess a large lump-sum to wire out (cable transfer being virtually your only choice). Before reading the rest, remember that the US is tax-inefficient given that they have a 25% withholding tax rate on dividends for Indian residents and their money have to give out dividends compulsarily.