iPhone Tips and Tricks That You Do Not Know

iPhone Tips and Tricks That You Do Not Know

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There are many tips and tricks that iPhone owners can use to make their time on iOS easier. There are many hidden features that most users don’t realize exist. These tips will allow users to get more out their devices without spending a lot of time. When you have just about any queries concerning where by as well as tips on how to utilize Google Docs guides, you’ll be able to e mail us at our own web page.

You can switch between onscreen keyboards super-fast

This tip can help save you time switching between your onscreen keyboards to type something. This trick works with all iPhone models. However, it is especially helpful for iPhone 7 or higher. You can tap and hold an app’s icons until a menu appears with a variety of shortcuts you can use for your message or another action.

To Open a URL, scan the QR Code

When you scan a QR code with the Camera app, your iPhone will open Safari’s link to that page. This function is particularly helpful if you’re scanning an email address or a business card with a URL attached.

Do a selfie with your headphones

You can snap photos with your headphones’ inline remotes. This feature works with most phones and is a great way to grab a quick image when you’re out and about.

Modify the Backtrack for Photos Memories

The new iPhone 12 includes a feature that automatically sticks a backing track to your photos and videos in the “For You” tab. It’s possible to modify this setting if you wish to prevent any music from playing. Tap on the “For You” tab in Photos to change the background. Select a memory.

Turn on Keyboard Feedback

The keyboard has a button that you can press and hold while typing to trigger a slight vibration. This vibration is awesome and allows you to verify that the virtual keys you’re pressing are actually being pressed.

Hide pages from your home screen

If you have a lot of apps that you want to keep private, but you don’t use them very often, you can hide them from view by hiding them from the main home screen. To hide an app from your home screen, touch and hold an empty spot, then swipe down to the top to hide the page.

Get Multiple Apps Closed Fast

Need to close a bunch of apps at once? Instead of opening each app one by one, swipe up and force-close them all individually. Instead of doing try this website repeatedly, tap three fingers on your iPhone. This is a great tip if you have many apps open but need to quickly close them all.

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Just one tap to find your first photo from a library or an album.

Have you ever looked through your photos and realized that you’ve scrolled too far down the page and have to re-sort it? This hack is simple and allows you to jump straight to the first picture in a specific album or library in just seconds. You probably have any kind of concerns relating to where and how to utilize Live2Tech, you could contact us at our site.