TO GREATLY HELP Champion The CDC’s Targeted Marketing Efforts

TO GREATLY HELP Champion The CDC’s Targeted Marketing Efforts

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The published books reviewed in the environmental check indicated that a big body of health information is open to patients with cancer on the Internet. Few sites, however, offer specific information on disease control among patients with tumor. Furthermore, the gray or unpublished literature reviewed in environmentally friendly scan revealed an abundance of cancer-related patient education information on the Internet, but few online patient education programs were designed specifically for infection control among patients with cancer.

As patients and caregivers frequently turn to the Internet to obtain relevant health information, an online program might be an effective way to provide patients with information to prevent infections. In addition to being one of few resources of its kind, another unique advantage of this website is that it reflects the insights and suggestions of prominent researchers and healthcare providers, the EAB, and intended users (including patients and caregivers). The project team used the best available information to produce the web site and educational communications.

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Since the website’s intended users represented a blended audience (e.g., patients with cancer, caregivers, healthcare providers), the project team was able to ensure this program would benefit all audiences by seeking their insight at multiple phases of development. In addition, the health care providers who participated in the concentrate organizations and the EAB represent professional variety with areas of expertise that were pivotal in evaluating the website for essential content, content validity, and usability benefits and issues. Furthermore, many EAB members have indicated a willingness to assist the CDC’s efforts with ongoing website refinement, promotion, and evaluation.

The ultimate goal is to develop methods for sustainability of a user-friendly, credible, respected, and interactive web-based reference designed for patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy. One limitation identified in the initial evaluation site appointments is that increased use of the web site might not be feasible for many outpatient facilities given technical challenges (computer and Internet to gain access to), patient volume, and staff needs.

However, increased use of the website’s guarantee materials is something that may be achieved certainly. These materials exist by means of fact sheets, brochures, magnets, and other promotional items. Finally, the designers recognized the importance of ongoing, targeted marketing efforts to market use of the website as well as evaluation activities to better understand patterns useful.

To help champion the CDC’s targeted marketing attempts, the U.S. Oncology Network, one of the nation’s largest networks of community-based oncology doctors, reached out to its membership through an email blast, introducing its users to the web site and its collateral materials. The designers are continuing to recognize other similar opportunities for relationship in advertising of the web site.