Alpha Destination Management To Host Over 100 International Buyers & 200 Tour Operators During ATM

Alpha Destination Management To Host Over 100 International Buyers & 200 Tour Operators During ATM

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Alpha Destination Management has gone out in full drive at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2019 hosting over 100 high-profile international purchasers from Europe, USA, and Asia in association with the Department of Tourism and Business Marketing (DTCM). A stunning hosted buyer program has been created for them with tailor-made itineraries to showcase Dubai’s main attractions including fam trips to the many theme parks as well as iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa.

Alpha Destination Management has expanded its amazing set of excursions and activities in Dubai with the creation of interesting new tours. Visitors to ATM can find Alpha Destination Management on Stand No. TT1130 located in Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Founded in 1996, by Mr. Ghassan Aridi and his companions, Alpha Destination Management is the primary destination management company and a pioneer in the tourism sector in the Arabian Gulf. During the last two decades, the business has generated itself as one of the most credible and respected brands not only in the Gulf region but also in the international tourism industry.

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