Executive Master Of Business Administration

Executive Master Of Business Administration

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Reach your full leadership potential. Get real-world international experience. The Sobey School of Business Executive MBA builds your confidence, develops your global perspective, and gives you a cutting-edge toolkit to help you assess information and make better decisions – in just 16 months. What makes the Sobey Executive MBA the right choice for you?

With the Sobey Executive MBA, you’ll cover similar materials and earn the same level as a traditional MBA, but with a lot more. Our program incorporates an Evidence-Based Management (EBM) approach. EBM is a significant and growing field, and we are happy to be early adopters. 5 across Canada in 2017 by Ivy Exec, and we’re one of only a small number of EMBA programs in Canada accredited by AACSB International. Experience the Sobey Executive MBA advantage. Enjoy the convenience of in-person and online periods. Gain a global perspective and international business skills with this unique International Trade Mission. Make better decisions by incorporating Evidence-Based Management approaches and principles to resolving organizational problems.

Earn an executive credential that propels your job. Join a cohort of your peers from across sectors. Learn current, relevant approaches and practices. Demonstrate your leadership capacity. Multiply your value to your employer. Connect with a dynamic network of more than 650 Sobey EMBA alumni. The Sobey School of Business is developing Atlantic Canada’s FIRST Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA) program. Earn the best professional-level academic credential for mature leaders in business practice.

Complete your doctorate in four years with this carefully designed hybrid curriculum – in the comfortable surroundings of your own home or office, and on the Saint Mary’s University campus in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. You’ll have access in person and online to the best faculty, research facilities, technology, and support available. Use an evidence-based approach to conduct practice-oriented research and achieve discovery practice. Have questions about a for-credit professional education at Sobey School of Business?

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This is performed through instant messaging services such as Zopim, and Customer Relations Management (CRM) software such as Zendesk. Fulfillment is an important aspect of the digital sales trip. The state where the product gets delivered will reveal seriously on the business as impressions are made. Therefore, prompt and reliable fulfillment services are necessary to boost digital sales as word of mouth spreads about your products and service.

Always seek to underpromise and overdeliver. The customer checkout trip is another important aspect of the whole sales experience. It is at this time that conventional salespeople shall call it ‘The Close’. This is where the sale is manufactured and money changes hands. The aim of this stage is to make checkout as pleasurable and even as is possible. The way to improve this area is to conduct focus groups that can give you valuable feedback about how and how are you affected in a customer’s head when achieving the sale, and how to enhance the experience further.

Too long, didn’t read? Don’t be concerned, we got you protected as well. Find a good product that will allow you to sell easily. You know you have a good product when your products begin to sell itself and generate hype in your community and users. Decide on your business model.

This will take your business from good to great. A good business model will have a high customer retention and continuing rate, as well as generate buzz with new customers. Start marketing. There are numerous strategies to do that, and each is hard and interesting to understand in its right. But done well, you will see people knocking on your door before you even sell anything. Know your competitors and the market landscape.

Know where are their advantages and weaknesses. Fight battles you can earn, and make a distinct segment for yourself. Learn how to close your visitors. Good salesmanship is held to sustaining the business. Make it as easy for your customers to pay, and be sure you over deliver on your expectations every right time.