I’m Much Better Than That Now

I’m Much Better Than That Now

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OLLIE course “Technology for Online Instruction” (hoping to have that each one finished nonetheless tonight). As I feel about the 2 ITEC displays that I still have not begun (giving those in 36 hours), a thought has come to me. It is attention-grabbing to take a look at how this course has changed over time.

The Technology for Online Instruction course introduces college students to on-line tools, with a main give attention to Moodle. I’m much better than that now. But at the very least I’ve tried a wide range of things to enhance the course over time. Indeed, the current iteration is the 9th totally different time I’ve supplied the course since then, and every time takes on a bit of a change. When I first set out, the primary objective was to be taught Moodle. Actually, that was the only real goal. I was in a rush to get a course out to satisfy the growing demand, so I grabbed a bunch of free misfit resources off the online and threw it collectively.

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Well, it served the purpose. We had a course up and operating, my first one ever in Moodle, and with reside college students to work with, I discovered pretty quickly we wanted to make some adjustments. While the subsequent time I supplied the course I nonetheless was centered on merely studying Moodle, I made several changes to the content material. • Concise Was Better.

I had way too many resources, ensuing within the scroll of loss of life, as you can see. I took massive numbers of Moodle Webpages I had created and wove them together into a single Moodle Lesson. The result was a leaner look that was much less panic-inducing for college kids and made their work extra direct. • Simplify My Assignments. Not only did I’ve too many sources, I had too many assignments. Actually, I had means too many forums; I had eleven in the first go-round.

All college students have been doing was creating forum posts to subjects, and not all the questions had a lot of bearing on their understanding of Moodle. I eliminated half the forums proper off the bat. • Eliminated Downloads. My first try featured a few Word paperwork and several PDFs. Which required the consumer need to download and look at these outside of the browser. I by no means ran into the hypothetical pupil who did not have MS Word, so I used to be fortunate.

But transferring these into Moodle webpages and classes made the content material all self-contained in the course. My third attempt was primarily aimed toward incorporating another device, Adobe Connect Pro, into the course. We have been actively pushing that as an AEA. However, whereas I used to be able to work it into the curriculum, it always felt like a poor fit, and that I ended up minimizing it after the 4th try. My 4th attempt featured fairly a bit of change, as I was now getting higher at the idea of instructional design. I used to be now teaching three other courses online, so I was choosing up a number of tips that I hadn’t realized before.

• Embedded Video. I removed nearly all of my uploaded video from the course. Instead, I embedded the video, either from YouTube or AEA’s Eduvision. This has saved tremendously on bandwidth and the velocity by which participants can enjoy the movies. • FAQ Database. I had made archived backups of all of the previous courses before resetting them. This was a smart transfer, as I nonetheless had entry to all the past Question & Troubleshooting forum questions that students had posed.