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One condition people hear a great deal about right now is diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. It is mostly connected to those who are overweight and can often be managed through exercise and diet. A thorough study of European adults has discovered that weighed against people who drink a single sugar-sweetened drink daily, those who drink water, coffee, or tea instead are in 14% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The research found that drinking SGLT2 inhibitors are a course of prescription medications that are FDA-approved for use with exercise and diet to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.

In addition, it can be difficult to quantify how much money is absolutely being saved the program. Top executives have to get involved, and not just “approve” a new program, in order to ensure its success throughout the business. A lot of companies view fitness strategies as providing them with a competitive benefit. By improving overall employee wellness through data collection, they could make workplaces better while decreasing unplanned leaves of absence. Although the huge benefits to workers seem obvious initially – a free of charge fitness tracker plus some discounts, there are valid privacy concerns. We aren’t in the habit of our employers monitoring our fitness levels, which is a worry that it could be used as leverage.

I don’t believe anyone should be bullied into taking part or doing more than they may be more comfortable with – although certainly it could encourage some people to improve their fitness goals even higher. Personally, from a green and ecofriendly point of view, I am also worried about the proliferation of fitness trackers, which appear to be almost expendable items – yet more plastic waste and precious resources used.

But IF they help people get more exercise and even eat more healthily, it may be worth it then. Please Share this post with friends and family and family – it’s easy – sharing buttons below and right! Do you utilize a fitness tracker? Does your company have a fitness program? How will you feel about them? Let me know in the responses below. P.S. Don’t forget to download your FREE juicing and smoothies formula reserve here!

Joshua Price, a UT Arlington associate professor of economics, teamed with Cornell University Professor John Cawley to perform a case study on an employer-sponsored program that offered financial bonuses for weight loss. The study was accepted for publication in The Journal of Health Economics and was featured lately on its website. It really is scheduled to be released in that journal’s magazine in September.

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The purpose of the study was to look at a real-world involvement for weight loss, Price said. Cawley and Price received usage of outcomes of 2,635 workers at one company. Under an agreement with the business enterprise, the experts cannot reveal the business’s name. Price said the considerable research studied four weight-loss options, the company provided in its wellness package to employees.

Option one was the control group. Participants registered, and participated in weigh-ins but there was no financial element of the intervention. Option two allowed employees to join a weight loss program free of charge and paid the financial bonuses for slimming down once per quarter. Option three required employees to pay to become listed on the weight-loss program.

This option then paid employees a refundable bond or rebate by the end of the year based about how much weight the employees lost. Option four was similar to the second except that the bonds were refunded every one-fourth instead of by the end of the year. People who were asked to put up their own money, either with a deposit agreement or refundable participation fee, experienced more excess weight reduction than in the control group, Price said. Rachel Croson, dean of the UT Arlington College of Business, said Price’s work makes useful suggestions based on behavioral economics.