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For an undetermined period of time I sensed myself take off from the world, an abstract spectator. The road off held descending and branching, through meadows misty in the twilight. The attention of the beholder-that’s where the beauty is situated. I look at all those paint spatters, and I see, well, paint spatters.

You see an interesting, colorful feast for the eye. Sure, we’re taking a look at the same object. But we appreciate the painting in different ways. And our variations don’t lie in the aesthetic domain just. All value is subjective. I might want to consider that bottle of drinking water and put it to my parched lips to be able to survive. You may want to download your squirt gun.

I’d pay a thousand dollars for that drinking water in the right circumstances. You may only be prepared to provide a buck. So perhaps we can at least agree that the circumstances of time and place can cause us to value things differently. But matters run deeper even. We will vary, you and I-on the inside.

We will probably value things differently even in identical circumstances. I used to be living in a flat organic with a coin laundry. 25 briefs. I was in a rush. I couldn’t wear my sweats to dinner. I needed to clean, dry slacks. Fortunately, a guy with a basketful of whites and a Ziploc bag, quarters jingling, wandered into the laundry room. I fished a buck costs from my pocket.

  • NO Sulfates
  • Kaolin (fine clay) powder (from pharmacies)
  • Choose natural ingredients that have healing and anti-aging properties to discover the best results
  • Hands and feet pale and chilly
  • Okay with hanging out only into pouring over their writing
  • Spend time with Loved ones
  • Check out the Twilight Zone Radio Drama starring Twilight Zone alumni Orson Bean

“Pardon me, sir,” I said. “Can you have a dollar for just one of those quarters?” He smiled. “Sure, no nagging problem.” At that right time, for the reason that context, from my perspective, his quarter was worth at least a dollar to me. Afternoon I used clean That, dry pants. Could I have made a better choice?

And, if so, by whose lights? A key element in that whole story is perspective. Even if the circumstances have been identical in every respect in one person to another, we can imagine a person who likes wearing wet clothes. Or perhaps there are a few who would only be ready to beg the man for 25 %, or pay as much as 75 cents however, not a dollar.