Remote Magento Developer At Gauge

Remote Magento Developer At Gauge

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We share a love of tech, design, and business, and a gung-ho desire to gag when everyone else is. All of us care and attention deeply about our work and our partners in that work. Gauge is continuing to grow steadily since 2007, and we are poised to shift into high gear in 2017. We take the long-term view, both in-house and with our clients, so we need someone organized, proactive, and ambitious. If you daydream about what it could look like to build a web company that associates and clients want to partner with for decades, we would like to talk with you.

We are based in today’s office in sun-drenched Savannah, GA, but we’ve remote associates up and down the East Coast. Gauge is a particular place, because of the dedicated, ambitious, down-to-earth, and geeky people who constitute our team. All of us truly spend money on the clients and team members, we work with. Whether we’re at work launching a new site or going to Forsyth park to try out some soccer, day retains some fun each. Our clients are people with dreams, families, and most of all, stories. Many have built their businesses from nothing.

They will be the salt of the earth and they come from many different industries. The pleasure is had by us of helping them tell their tales in a robust, convincing way. We don’t forget that there are people behind the email addresses we see everyday. They are motivated, interesting, and trusting, and we’ve built friendships as we’ve done business over time.

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As a Magento Developer, your primary focus will be building and maintaining outstanding eCommerce sites on the Magento system. You’ll work closely with Project & Account Managers and other Developers to set expectations, execute, and track tasks, meet deadlines, and ensure excellent development overall. This is a mid-level builder position that requires both specialized Magento skills and gentle skills like communication, time management, documents, and collaboration.

In-depth knowledge and fluency in Magento 2 are crucial; experience working with a development team is important. The Gauge dev team works to solve problems together, learn from one another, and build the best products we can. If we were musicians, wed be an orchestra or jam band, not a group of separate rock stars. If that’s exciting to you, we want to talk!

We have a wide variety of clients from a wide variety of sectors. Our services include both big implementations and ongoing maintenance services. Most customer communication is channeled through Project & Account Managers, but you’ll need to speak directly with clients sometimes. Were about learning and growing, so you’ll be actively involved with both sharing your Magento expertise and learning from your fellow team members. You’ll be expected to hone your technical expertise and to build your management and leadership skills over time. We actively support this growth by providing resources, time, and a growth-oriented environment.