For Testing, Leave With Default Usually

For Testing, Leave With Default Usually

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There are other tips & ideals (nodes / token) provided to configure as per requirement as well as for the other purposes. Are establishing details from Microsoft Docs which is explaining Below, the app.json file includes information about the expansion that you will be building, such as publisher information and specifies the minimal version of bottom-application items that the extension is made on. Often the app.jkid file is referred to as the manifest.

The unique ID of the expansion. When app.json file is created, the ID is set to a new GUID value. The initial extension name. Short description of the expansion. Longer description of the extension. The version of the app package. URL to the privacy declaration for the expansion. URL to the permit conditions for the extension. URL to the help for the expansion. URL of the extension package. Relative way to the app deal logo from the root of the package.

The list of dependencies for the expansion package. Relative paths to any screenshots that needs to be in the extension package. The minimum backed version of the platform-symbol package document, for example: “”. See the Symbols for the list of object symbols contained in the platform-symbol deal file. The least supported version, for example: “application”: “” (Note: Mandatory, if bottom-application items are extended or referenced. The AL package will be compiled against the application form that exists on the server that you connect to. This allows you to write a single AL Language extension for multiple country versions so long as you do not rely on country-specific code.

To enable generation of the translation document, you must add a establishing in the manifest. A variety for software object IDs. For those objects outside the range, a compilation error will be raised. When you create new objects, an ID is suggested. According to extension series. For tests, usually leave with default. A list of ranges for application object IDs. For many objects beyond your runs, a compilation mistake will be raised. When you create new items, an ID is automatically suggested.

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You must use either the idRange or the idRanges placing. Overlapping ranges aren’t allowed and will lead to a compilation error. Define in case of using different – different range. Basically, for multiple ranges of object IDs. That is by default set to false rather than visible in the manifest. By default this is Extension. For Dynamics NAV, you can set this to Internal to access normally restricted APIs and .NET Interop. The Dynamics NAV Server setting must then be established to Internal also. The URL for the website that displays help for the current extension.

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