We Invite The Kids

We Invite The Kids

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It’s time for PRETTY MUDDY obstacle race GIVEAWAY! I have 4 race seat tickets up for grabs-2 specific tickets and 2 family release tickets. This past year I was able to do the grouped family edition with my kid and hubby in Richmond VA. Pretty Muddy was started by several businessmen who were inspired by their wives – their pretty cool wives.

These amazing women deserve more time for themselves. Time for time and balance to be themselves without their families. Because the greatest mom even, businesswoman or grandma sometimes needs time that is just her own. Like those pretty cool wives, today’s women are searching for a way to get together and concentrate on friendship, fun and fitness – without their significant others, their kids and the stress of the daily grind. By using their wives and an incredible team of creative and motivated people, both businessmen created an inaugural series of occasions called Pretty Muddy. More than a mud run, it’s a thrilling women-only event where you can let hair down and have fun!

And that’s fairly awesome. While Pretty Muddy will be time with your girlfriends, Pretty Muddy Family Edition extends the opportunity to include one of the most crucial aspects of your daily life, your family, into the action packed event! We invite the small children, husbands, significant others, and your entire crew to hop in the last wave of your day for their individual epic muddy adventure. From ages 6 to 96, many people are guaranteed to feel like a kid (again), creating muddy memories that can last a lifetime. I shall verify that instructions have been met before I declare the champion. I had to pick 3 winners for my last giveaway because people didn’t follow the instructions.

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