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Satellite3 is Glauca Rossi’s new type of makeup motivated by space. Glauca has affected lots of the world’s most celebrated make-up artists. Her interest for make-up artistry, superior quality makeup products and the exhilaration of space exploration have all led right to her newest makeup products line, Satellite3. Inspired by her love of astronomy, developments of space exploration and the need for a wholesome environment, the Satellite3 range is available in recyclable containers, no bigger than the hand of your hand and, of course, formed like spacecraft. Glauca “and our luminous powders accentuate the body and offer stunning shows for the eyes and cheeks”.

Glauca’s reputation has been built in the webpages of Vogue, Harpers & Queen and Elle as well as superstars and models including Naomi Campbell, Jerry Hall and Meg Ryan. It is a truth popular among beauty bloggers that we are all suckers for pretty and original product packaging, no matter how much we want to deny it (MAC Hello Kitty anyone?). Therefore, this brand may appeal to people that have a fondness of ‘futuristic’ devices and unique items.

Personally, this is not something I am interested in particularly. Although I love the thought of recyclable packaging, I do not think it is very practical to truly have a palette that only holds two shadows, while some sit in bulky plastic wrapping. However, the shadows themselves are lovely! Since they are somewhat expensive(2 shadows and saucer packaging for £25, and refills for £7.50), I was anticipating great quality, and I was not disappointed.

Each shadow retains a nice 4.5ml and is extremely soft, pigmented and blends beautifully, the only drawback being the plasticine smell. The rocket lipsticks (£15.99) are also available in an interesting selection of colors (including blue and violet) and coatings (including gloss). I attempted Rosewell Belle, that was creamy, richly pigmented and resilient. This is definitely the kind of lipstick that may be worn sheer or developed to an intense finish with several coats. The web site represents this as their ‘tone on build technology leaving you to decide the impact; so for further intensity just apply another coating’. Overall I am fairly impressed with this range. It really is good to see make-up artists designing their own lines and keeping them original, unlike the countless brands we have seen sprouting up on YouTube..

Clearly, it’s a good idea to keep deer out of your lawn whenever you can. The ultimate way to keep deer out of your backyard has been a tall, sturdy fence. It will prolong underground partway to discourage digging and also have no gaps. Enclose your garden or lawn completely; otherwise, deer shall find a way throughout the obstacle.

Also, deer are excellent jumpers and can clear a fence under 8 ft tall. Some deer can even leap a fence that high. When you have a fence that might not be tall enough, try strategically placing obstacles that might inhibit ease of takeoff or landing, such as large branches, lawn chairs, or thorny bushes. Deer dislike plant life with irritating textures or a strong fragrance. Ask someone at your neighborhood nursery for plants that are believed deer repellent.

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Place these vegetation around the perimeter of your yard or garden. Deer also dislike plants that seem edible but taste bad or hurt their stomachs either. Some deer repellent plants include foxglove, lupines, lavender, and Echinacea. If it smells good for you, there’s a good chance that it’ll smell bad to a deer. The leaves of American Beautyberry bushes have been proven to repel ticks.

To discourage other host pets, such as rodents, try treating the certain area with ammonia or planting spearmint around the perimeter. Most animals and insects will be dissuaded by well-placed spearmint. If you’re able to do so, raising chickens is a terrific way to keep tick populations in balance.