The Curious History Of The Paleo-Diet, And Its Relationship To Science & Modernity

The Curious History Of The Paleo-Diet, And Its Relationship To Science & Modernity

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I was hoping that someone who is actually using the paleo-diet will discover their way to this blog, so I am really pleased that you still left this comment, Jeremy. Let me just say, right away, that I don’t mean to be placing words in the mouths of paleo-dieters almost everywhere. At the same time, I do find it interesting that you appear to equate modernity, or at least modern foods, with danger. I would reckon that most historians of medication agree that foods eaten in the past were a lot more dangerous than what we usually consume today. The good reason, of course, is due to sanitation and infectious disease.

But there’s a larger point to be produced here. As I mentioned above, I think everyone agrees on the essential principle that eating greatly processed foods that are saturated in fats, sugar, and salt is bad for your wellbeing. Avoiding these types of foods and getting a lot of exercise will not, however, a paleo-diet make. As it is comprehended by me, the paleo-diet also tells us to avoid grains such as rice and whole wheat.

And beyond that, it counsels us to engage in an exercise routine that is somehow likely to simulate the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. In his interview with Stephen Colbert, John Durant describes a fitness program called MoveNat that contains doing things like climbing trees, jumping, balancing on logs, tossing heavy objects, etc. Again, without doubt any exercise is good for you. But why add this aspect of endeavoring to recreate life in the Pleistocene into the mix?

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My life has transformed so much within the last 531 days, which I sometimes just have to turn off my brain, or else I finish up sitting around and thinking much too. There’s an excellent line between constructive self-analysis and counterproductive self-abuse. Nevertheless, you know very well what I’ve determined? The positive far out-weighs the negative. Because without the positive, well, I have no idea if I want to take into account that. But I anyway do.

What easily were still over 500 pounds? Would we still have the changes inside our family device? I don’t know. I really don’t. I know that I’d be miserable, probably unemployed, probably divorced, and a complete mess health wise. Might not even be alive at this time. At over 500 pounds, you just never know, you know? What has caused me to open this Saturday edition with the above paragraph? I’m so very thankful to have Irene by my side. “Someday”. She’s always believed in me despite the many false begins and failed attempts.