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The kindergarteners and I have already been celebrating Eric Carle by taking part in Global READ OUT LOUD going back three weeks. In the classrooms, using their educators Christa McClintock and Lynne Caltrider, they have been celebrating the books and writer we all love too. Last week the book that everyone taking part in GRA read was The Mixed-Up Chameleon. What a FUN book about a very mixed up chameleon who thinks he just wants to look like all the other animals in the zoo.

To make reading and celebrating Global Read Aloud even more pleasurable, we linked with my friend Kelli Etheridge, an incredible educator from Alabama. Whenever we started talking about hooking up for GRA, Kelli introduced me to Sara Patti and Gross Norris, who are both kindergarten educators in her school, and Kim McDonald, their teacher librarian. We decided to connect the students by reading the Eric Carle books jointly over Skype. The kindergarteners absolutely cherished this connection and hearing us browse the written reserve back and forth. Before that day, we also brainstormed ways to create a project focused around Eric Carle and the connections we were making through Skype and by reading the Eric Carle books for Global Read Aloud.

As we were reading to our two classes it arrived to me! We’re able to use the website “Build Your Wild Self” from the brand new York Zoos and Aquarium. Once you’ve a little person created, it is time to “outdoors yourself” by adding on things like head gear, backsides, and tails.

I quickly added a tile for “Build Your Wild Self” to the kindergarten Symbaloo webmix so they would have the ability to think it is easily as they went to their laptops. In addition they like understanding that they’ll be able to reach this new site when they are in the classroom with home too.

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Before they started, I reminded them about how exactly the chameleon felt in the book we read. We laid the book from the tables so they could go through the illustrations to make these connections and picture the actual mixed up chameleon felt and appeared as if. The kindergarteners experienced such a fun time creating themselves WILD! I loved seeing how creative these were.

They were having an enjoyable experience talking to their friends about their masterpieces too. If they were finished, I had them let me know so I could share their wild things with my email. It’s very easy to do and are available at the bottom of the page.

This is what the “wild thing” looks like when these are emailed. I must say i love how their brands can be added to the top of the “wild thing” they created. The kindergarteners and I talked about might know about do with all of their “wild things”. We made a decision to put them together within an eBook again. Our first project of the year was creating the “Just Me and Little Critter” eBook using FlipSnack as we get ready for our visit with Mercer Mayer in a couple weeks.