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If you follow I.T centered frameworks you might think that. In reality a purpose is served by a model and that purpose is more important than following a prescribed standard. Modeling languages and frameworks to help give structure without doubt, but how do your stakeholders view them? The reality is that most business people don’t have the time to get their heads around alien notation and ISO criteria that more and more people spend hours on linked in groups talking about and arguing about. Stakeholders want clear messages and easy to consume material that is relevant with their needs as well as forming part of the joined-up picture – structures!

If your organization follows a price-leadership strategy then your operating model is likely to be a process centric with plenty of focus on squeezing out every “ounce” of waste materials and cost. The BPM vendors are all about this, and some of these market excellent tools to help create such models but imagine if your business differs? If your reason behind presence is not about the lowest cost to give a comoditised product; but is about differentiation and advancement in an activity-centric operating model is barely appealing.

The processes probably change a case by case, by week and keeping it all recorded is likely to be a futile waste materials of the work week. Operating models need to be structured to communicate the right things to the right people. So don’t focus on a methodology, framework, or modeling tool and impose it on your colleagues. Focus on stakeholders first and understand what is required.

If the said “life is meaningless,” mean anything to you? Personally believe that the better way is not restricted to the final end of life must have goals, but aiming to “find a suitable target”, take a glance whether having the help to you. I have been accustomed to living with the target, it’ll make me more content; although from time to time will go directly to the ultimate questions still. To tell apart the order of priority to before doing things, but for most people have a detour to recognize what’s important, what is important.

The order of concern in judge things, considering is an important way of thinking, however the time is a have to consider the chance cost (more likely to think it over and over again opportunity missed). So long time exercise it melts in their blood worth their trust instinct is sometimes more important.

If not complete, often make their own spend oneself, may have many after all face is a problem to resolve always, can finish has been great, why await one can finish? Between two Supertime, give yourself an incentive. You thought that the global world is a “zero-sum game”, are you experiencing I have no, you earn, I lose, you and I have less.

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The fact is that? The introduction of the society by groups and people greatly small creation, rather than fight or plunder. With the exterior world to against fight, not I win you lose I considered to be losing outweighs the gain. Things (not just one). Because we build our strong armor in the us with the outside against only, while at the same time, lost opportunities for personal growth.

In reality, we just need to “combat” is our own. The view of sociology, man is a sociable animal, having spent a lifetime to battle their hereditary inheritance. And everyone among co-operation and conflict, to be the first ever to understand others to get to understand; but to find an excuse for their own behavior, but to gauge the demerits and merits. If we tried and understanding of others is an extremely difficult thing, you wouldn’t expect to be understood. And his is looking to build on other people, not reliable choice always.