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Find A Clinic LOCALLY

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Many people have a problem with their weight. Preserving and Attaining a healthy weight can have many results on your long-term health. We want to be your partner to support you in finding what option is best for you and discover long-term weight management success. Sanford Health offers a variety of options to help with your weight-loss goals, from education and support to non-surgical methods and surgery.

No one person’s needs or goals are the same. Weight Loss Surgery: Weight loss surgery gives you the option to lose weight with the aid of surgery. Enquire about bariatric surgery options. You can expect gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and gastric band. Non-Surgical Weight Loss: Sanford Health offers less invasive weight loss techniques. These planned programs constrict how big is the patient’s tummy without making a single incision.

Nutrition: Understand how to manage your daily diet in a wholesome and nourishing way. Change your mindset to look at food as fuel, and nourishment rather than as short-term gratification. Sanford Profile: Slim down through an individualized plan that combines nutrition, physical activity, and one-on-one coaching. Profile is produced by trained physicians at Sanford Health.

You and your doctor should discuss what options might be the best fit for you. Let’s start your path to a wholesome future. Keep the weight loss off. Make a few key changes in lifestyle to improve your general health and well-being. Find out about weight loss management programs at Sanford Health. Find the weight loss program that is right for you and your long-term success. At Sanford Health, you want to offer you every possible source to help you be successful. Attend weight-loss events and classes in your area for connecting with others on a single weight reduction trip.

  • Community support from other folks using the same weight-loss plan
  • Keystone 65
  • Making statements based on opinion; back again them up with referrals or personal experience
  • Prevents weight problems,
  • What must i do next

We offer informational periods, support groups, Overeaters Anonymous and more. Find out about Sanford Health’s weight reduction treatment centers and programs. We have facilities that provide surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. Find a clinic locally. No matter your body weight loss needs, we’ve specialists that will provide personalized care. Find dedicated doctors, eating disorder specialists, nutritionists, and more at Sanford Health.

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