How to create a whiteboard wall

How to create a whiteboard wall

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Whiteboard walls can be a great way for your staff to keep in touch. Communication is a key component of any business. But it can also be one of the most challenging aspects to maintain. Whiteboard walls make it simple to send out updates, announcements, or other information to your staff. Rather than emailing everyone individually, you can use a white board paint on your wall as a communication hub. This will allow you to announce important changes quickly and simply. For those who have any kind of concerns relating to in which as well as tips on how to use Mobile White Board, you’ll be able to e mail us in the page.

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Smart Magnetic Paint

To transform any surface into a writable and magnetic whiteboard, you need to use Smart Magnetic Paint. It works on any white board surface, including glass, partition boards, doors, and walls. This paint is ideal for chalkboards, whiteboards and other surfaces. It comes with a 10-year guarantee. The Smart Magnetic Paint is available in clear and white. Smart Magnetic Paint should be applied in two to three coats before you apply whiteboard paint.

Frost White Markerboard

Frost White Markerboard panel panels have a smooth, clean white finish. They are perfect for interior and Read More Listed here exterior design projects. These panels come in 220-square-foot packages and are manufactured by American Pacific, a leading manufacturer of wood paneling in America. It is easy to clean and maintain due to its durable, water-resistant finish. Frost White Markerboard, which is made in sustainably managed forests of northern Michigan, is also environmentally friendly.

Smart Whiteboard Paint

Smart Whiteboard Paint for white board walls is an easy-to-apply, environmentally friendly way to turn ordinary surfaces into large dry-erase and writable walls. It writes on and is easily removed with a dry wipe. Available in two and six square metre sizes, Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard Paint is low-odour and VOC-free. Smart Whiteboard Paint transforms surfaces to large writable walls. This makes them great for schools, classrooms, and corporate environments.

Quick-release painter’s tape

The key to applying this versatile wall covering is choosing the right Quick release painter’s tape. These are some helpful tips to help you decide which tape you should use. Quick-release painter’s tap will not stick to damp walls. A fan or hairdryer can speed up drying. Next, peel off the tape carefully.


ReMARKable whiteboard wall kits include everything you need for painting the wall. You’ll receive a roller, solution, gloves, and an easy-to-follow how-to video to get you started. You’ll be able to use your wall as a collaborative tool once you have completed it. This whiteboard wall can not only help you improve productivity in meetings, but it will also encourage teamwork.

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